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GOLDEN VALE is registered with Charity Commission in the United Kingdom.  Our objective is to provide a creative, supportive and holistic response to peoples’ need in order to empower them to help their families, community and the country at large.  We equip our community with the tools to be self-sufficient and be productive members of our society who are financially sound and should be able to invest in business as well as consuming extra products in the area which in turn promotes a thriving economy.  We exist to establish a positive thriving community with social, racial and religious cohesion alongside safer environment, create access to social mobility, providing stepping stone to opportunities through education, health care, work, housing, business initiatives and benefits.  We accommodate and advocate for people with disabilities (physical and mental). We also provide a quality service to people of all backgrounds whatever their ethnicity, religious beliefs, disabilities and LGBT.  


We operate with volunteers with diverse professionals skills. Most of our volunteers have worked in the community over the years with several organisations such as Home Start, Sure Start, The Point, Shaw Trust, Phoenix Housing Association, Nash College (Liveability). White foot Lane Food bank, Piece of Cake etc.

Our Team

Israel Oyebamiji

 Project Manager

Margaret Kelly Buckley

Project Coordinator I

Marvin Mcfarlane

Projector Supervisor

Rhoda Sylvanus

Project Coordinator II


               Driector Eleos                                  Ministries Intl.

             Mrs TELMA DUKE

        New Hope  Ministries, Jos


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