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Golden Vale is a non-faith, non-denominational and non-profit organisation sets up to meet the needs of the people of our communities in Bromley North of London, United Kingdom. Golden Vale establishes a positive travailing atmosphere with social, racial and religious cohesion alongside safe environment with less crime, wider access to social mobility for the people of the community.  We are a stepping stone to wider opportunities through access to education, health care, work, housing, business initiatives and benefits.

Our desires and pursuits also include reaching out beyond the border of our community to other parts of the country and world in crisis.  Providing them with supports and our widow's mite. We rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, faith groups, foundations, government, gifts aids and a variety of civil social and community organisation for support.


S.O.S {Seeking Onward Solution}

The S.O.S is our United Kingdom facility set up to provide a creative, supportive and holistic response to people’s needs in order to empower them to help their families, our immediate community and the country at large.  This we do by promoting well-being and fairness for all. We organise diversity days, language classes. Inter-racial and inter-faith initiatives, fair representation by our workers' ethnicity in relation to our clients. Multicultural classes for all. Support for new immigrants and also taking into account the needs of all residents, cutting down crime by signposting access to jobs, benefits and education, so empowering residents and promoting social mobility keeping young people off the streets via the youth club and classes concentrating on talents and self- worthwhile and respect for others and their environment.  We also promote trainings, benefits, jobs, health care and self-worth.   

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The Golden Vale

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is a project designed to support people affected by poverty, disabilities and crisis in Nigeria, Africa in order to improve their health and wellbeing.  We do this through provision of basic needs {exportation of clothes, shoes, toys, physical cash etc. for the less privilege}. So far, our work is helping the vulnerable to overcome stigma, help themselves and build a better future for their families and communities. Through our African partners like New Hope Ministers in Southern part of Bukuru, Eleos International Ministries, Headquarters, Jos Plateau State, Eleos International Ministries office Port Harcourt, Foursquare Warri and some individuals, we are helping to rehabilitate disabled children and families who are victims of the bombing crisis in the North, those in the south-east who are experiencing severe poverty as a result of little or no yield from their farm lands due to challenges of oil spillage.

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